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*The No.1 Sunday Times Bestseller

Are you ready to change your life?

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*The No.1 Sunday Times Bestseller

Are you ready to change your life?

Are you sick of always wearing black and getting undressed in the dark?

Are you fixated with a number on the scales?

Are you afraid to step into the gym and commit to a routine?

Is your confidence at an all-time low?

Is all of this having a negative impact on your life, relationships and happiness?

James Smith is armed with every tool you’ll ever need to achieve incredible results – from dieting, training and staying in shape to identifying the fads, cons and nonsense that get in
the way of genuine lasting progress.

Learn to reset your current mindset and attitude towards your diet and training, with chapters covering:
* Fat loss versus muscle gain
* Metabolism and ‘body types’
* Protein targets and calorie tracking
* Common fitness fallacies
* Female fat loss
* Supplements
* Training versus exercising
* The importance of sleep
* Forming habits

This book will put you back in control. It is not a fad diet or a short-term training plan. It will empower you to adopt better habits that will allow you to take charge of your life.

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ISBN 9780008374280
Publication Date 2020/01/20
Page Number 304

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