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The Easiest Air Fryer Book Ever!


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From the multi-million copy bestselling cookbook brand, The Easiest Air Fryer Book Ever!brings you over 75 delicious recipes, each with a clear nutritional information table and beautiful full colour photography.

Kim McCosker has received requests for the better part of 18 months to write an EASY air fryer book! As the frequency of these requests increased, so did Kim’s fascination with the air fryer; how exactly they worked, and how this incredible machine could create the crispiest, crunchiest, most tantalizing morsels with hardly any mess, and just a fraction of the calories you’d get from regular deep-frying.

In The Easiest Air Fryer Book Ever!, Kim will demystify the air fryer process and explain how you can get restaurant quality meals by ‘frying’ using minimal oil and very hot air. In fact, just about EVERYTHING can be made in an air fryer, including vegetables, nuts, and even baked goods. And don’t forget the fried chicken and French fries – if you can bake it in an oven, fry it on your stove top, or throw it on a BBQ, chances are you can make it in an air fryer. The possibilities are endless!

InThe Easiest Air Fryer Book Ever! you will find;

-75+ flavour-packed recipes that the whole family will enjoy

-144 beautifully illustrated pages

-Recipes that can be created in 10-20 minutes and require little preparation time

-Healthy, hearty alternatives to comfort food, including best-loved classics like zucchini nuggets, pizza, buffalo wings and bagels!

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ISBN 9780648485193
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